Recycling and rubbish collections guide

Collections from your house

If you live in a house or in a house converted into flats you should have:

  • a blue lidded wheelie bin
  • a green recycling box or bin
  • a brown kitchen caddy
  • a brown food waste outdoor bin
  • a black wheelie bin

These are all free and you can order replacements if they get damaged. You can order as many recycling bins or boxes as you need. 

You can also have a bin or biodegradable sacks for your garden waste. This is a chargeable service. For information on how to subscribe please see our Garden Waste Collection Service pages.

What goes where?

Use this guide to help you sort your recycling and rubbish into the right place.

If you put the wrong items in any bin or box, we won't be able to empty it.  Please put the items into the right bin or box and we'll empty it on your next scheduled collection. 

On what day?

You can check your collection days online. Your bins, boxes and caddies should be placed at the front boundary of your property by 6.30am on the correct collection day. If you put them out on the wrong day or too late, you'll need to:

If we miss one of your bins please let us know by reporting a missed collection within two working days.