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Alongside Veolia, our recycling and waste collections contractor, we share a great sense of sadness at the news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and offer our sincerest condolences to the Royal Family.

On Monday 19 September all recycling and waste services in Kingston will be suspended to coincide with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral.

There will be some delays to bin collections due to the suspension of collections on Monday. Collection crews will work hard to collect as soon as possible so please leave your bin out and all collections should be completed by the end of Saturday 24 September.

For those who have booked a Bulky Waste Collection for Monday, please present your items ready for collection on Wednesday 21 September. Items should be put at the boundary of your property.

What to do if your collection has been missed?

  • If your whole street has not been collected - please leave your bins out at the front of your property. The collection crews know your street has not been visited and they will be with you as soon as they can. Veolia is working to complete all outstanding collections by the end of the week. There is no need to report your collection as missed.
  • If just your property has been missed - please report the missed collection via our website.

Missed bin, box or sack collection:

  • You must report a missed collection to us within two working days of your scheduled collection day
  • The crew will return within two working days once reported.

You must leave the bin by the boundary to allow the crew to re-attempt collection.

Report a missed bin collection

We will re-attempt collection if the crew noted:

  • Access was blocked due to vehicles

You must leave the bin by the boundary to allow the crew to re-attempt collection.

We will not return if the crew noted:

  • You did not put out your bin, box or bags before 6:30am on your scheduled collection day
  • Your bin, box or bags was too heavy or contained incorrect materials (contaminated)
  • You have excess waste
  • Access to the communal container was not possible

Reuse and Recycling Centre:

You can also dispose of your waste at the Recycling Centre.

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