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Clinical waste

There are some clinical wastes that should not be placed into your black bin or recycling bin. For this waste a collection service is provided through Essentia Community Services.

There are two free services, where your clinician or home care provider has advised that you are producing clinical waste that cannot be placed into your black wheelie bin:

Weekly orange sack collection

  • Contaminated dressings or home dialysis waste
  • Excreta and body fluids (where contaminated with blood, or you have been advised you have an infectious condition)

Yellow 'sharps' bin collection

  • For needles and syringes

To request a clinical waste collection or to find out more, please contact Essentia Community Services by telephone on 0207 188 9399.
Or alternatively you can fill in a Self Medicating WIRE form and manage this service online independently.

This service is only for use by residents and is not for collection from nursing homes or commercial premises.

For any expired/out of date or partially consumed prescription medication, please return these to your local pharmacy. Do not place this waste into the general waste stream.

Non-infectious incontinence wear/pads

  • Non-infectious incontinence wear/pads should be double bagged and placed in your black wheelie bin. If you are currently receiving collections for incontinence wear or have any questions regarding this waste type, please contact Essentia Community Services directly on 0207 188 9399 to discuss your individual requirements.

  • Waste generated by a District Nurse will have alternative collection / removal arrangements made and should not be placed in your black wheelie bin. 

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Environment and waste

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