Recycling Centre (Villiers Road) and neighbourhood recycling sites

Redevelopment works at Villiers Road waste depot

 In the weeks ahead, Kingston Council and its contractors will be making some much needed improvements to the waste transfer station, Household Reuse and Recycling Centre (the tip) and depot area at Villiers Road.

These improvements will help to improve the resilience of some of the council's services and make others more efficient.

What's new?

  • salt store
  • street cleansing depot
  • essential drainage works to the waste transfer station and the tip

When will the work be taking place?

Work will take place Monday to Friday during normal working hours and once we start we expect the works to last for approximately six months.

How will this impact me?

There may be some delays to users of the tip and you might notice some extra vehicles coming in and out of the site. Also, in the interests of safety we won't be able to accept waste from people on foot or by bicycle.

Your patience whilst these vital works are undertaken is appreciated.

What can I do?

You might want to consider if your visit is necessary. Kingston Council offer services which mean you might not have to visit the tip whilst we are doing the work:

If you can store some items until after the work is complete this could also help, but if you do have to go to the tip please make sure you:

  • remain in your vehicle until you are safely parked in the tip
  • are aware of larger vehicles entering and exiting the site
  • follow the instructions of site staff when entering and exiting the site
  • have your tip permit and any other documentation you need ready to show to staff before accessing the tip.

What is the waste transfer station?

The waste transfer station is the area to the right hand side just before you enter the tip. It is where we take all the recycling and waste we collect from your properties before it is taken for recycling or disposal.

What is in the depot area?

The depot area is where Veolia, our waste and recycling collection contractor and IdVerde, our environmental maintenance contractor are based. It's also where our street cleansing and winter maintenance service (also contracted to Veolia) will be moving into. This area is located on your right hand side before you enter the public area of the tip.