Flats recycling and rubbish collection service

We provide recycling facilities that are tailored for purpose-built blocks of flats in the borough. Please ensure that you use the correct bins for your rubbish and recycling. Each block of flats can have three types of recycling bin if there is space. If your property does not have all of the bins listed and there is space for more, please contact us and we can assess whether further bins can be provided. The recycling bins we provide are listed below: 

Blue lidded bin

Use your blue lidded bins to recycle: 

  • paper - newspapers, magazines, envelopes, catalogues, telephone directories and printed paper
  • card - clean card and card packaging
  • cardboard - remember to flatten cardboard before placing it in your bin

Green lidded bin

Use your green lidded bins to recycle:

  • plastics - bottles, pots, tubs and trays 
  • glass - bottles and jars
  • tins, cans and aerosols
  • cartons - food and drinks cartons
  • lids - metal lids from jars and bottles
  • foil - kitchen foil and food containers

Brown wheelie bin

Use your brown wheelie bin to recycle all cooked and uncooked food waste including:

  • meat and fish - including shellfish and bones 
  • fruit and vegetables - including peelings
  • bread and cakes
  • plate scrapings and leftovers
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • mouldy or 'off' food - make sure to remove food from any packaging
  • pet food
  • cut flowers

In order to use this service effectively, each household is provided free of charge with a brown kitchen caddy for storing food waste. When this gets full, you can take your food waste to the outdoor recycling bins at your block. If you do not have a caddy, or need a replacement, you can order one.

Rubbish collections

We collect rubbish from most flats properties in the borough, though a small number have private collections. Please only place items that are not recyclable in your rubbish bins and wrap rubbish in a black or plastic bag.

Report a missed collection

Each block of flats has set collection days for rubbish and recycling, you can find out when and report a missed collection online.