Your waste and recycling collection changes from April 2019

On 1 April 2019, Kingston joined Merton, Sutton and Croydon in a shared contract for: 

  • recycling and rubbish collections
  • street cleansing
  • drain cleaning and winter gritting.  

Veolia deliver these services on behalf of all four boroughs.

Most residents in Kingston should not notice any significant changes as the other boroughs have adopted the existing Kingston model for recycling and waste collections. Information about changes that affecting residents have been communicated. The main things you can expect to see from the new contract are listed below: 

Rubbish and recycling collection changes for houses:

  • For most, there is no change to recycling containers, the materials that are recycled, or the frequency of collections. All houses will receive fortnightly collections of rubbish and recycling - weekly collection of food waste will continue
  • A small number of houses saw a change to the day that their rubbish and recycling is collected
  • Collection routes have been rescheduled to improve efficiency, so the time at which rubbish and recycling is collected from each house may change 
  • A small number of houses still received a weekly collection of rubbish and/or recycling. From April, all houses now have fortnightly collections.
  • To make the new service as efficient as possible we are asking residents to ensure that wheelie bins, recycling boxes and food waste caddies are presented to the front boundary of their property (close to the pavement, but not on it) on collection day by 6.30am 

Rubbish and recycling changes for blocks of flats:

  • There is no change to recycling containers, the materials that are recycled or the frequency of collections
  • A small number of properties have a change to their day of collection
  • Communal food waste wheelie bins will be cleaned by Veolia

New recycling collections at properties with limited outside storage space:

  • Residents who live in flats above shops will be provided with bags to recycle a wide range of items later in 2019
  • A sack-based recycling service will be introduced for houses that do not have suitable space to present recycling containers at the front of their properties

Street cleaning: 

  • There have been no changes to the number of street cleaners or vehicles working in the borough, but the new contract will help to ensure their efforts are targeted more effectively. This may mean that some roads see an increase in the number of visits from a street cleansing team and some may see a reduction, although this will be assessed over time with no immediate change planned to current frequencies of collection
  • We use the standards set out in Defra’s Code of Practice on Litter & Refuse to monitor street cleanliness so that a good standard (Grade B or above) is maintained
  • Within 24 hours of complaints about roads falling to Grade C and below, we will inspect the street and bring the area back up to standard if required
  • Litter bins are cleaned more frequently and graffiti, fly posting and fly tipping are removed from the public highway by Veolia
  • A new fleet of vehicles are provided for winter maintenance and street cleansing, improving reliability and performance

Investment in communication and engagement
Over the next six years, Veolia are investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in recycling and waste awareness activities and materials to ensure that Kingston reaches its full recycling potential.