Update on street litter bins

Following a successful trial in Kingston town centre, 57 solar-powered bins were installed in the borough in 2018. The bins use sunlight to compact waste, which means they can hold up to six times as much rubbish as a standard bin. Once the bins are more than 75 percent full, they send a message to the council's street cleansing team to empty them. This means that less unnecessary trips are made to empty bins by the crews and allows more time for the team to focus on other tasks to keep the borough clean. 

As part of the roll-out of the new bins, technology is being installed which will alert collection crews if the bins become jammed. As well as this, foot pedal signage is being installed to make it easier for people to put items inside the bin without touching the handle at the top . Both of these measures will help to keep the bins and the area around them clean and tidy.