Feedback and complaints

Our commitment

Due to the effect of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID 19) precautions, we may not be able to stay within our usual timelines for responding to complaints but will respond when we are able to. Resources and services will be prioritised to ensure essential services continue to be delivered. We appreciate your patience and undestanding.

We provide a wide range of services to people who live in or visit the borough. We want the borough to be a place where people enjoy life, business is prosperous, people are healthy, vulnerable people are looked after and where people respect and support each other.

We listen to our customers and use the information they provide to continually improve the services we deliver.

If you would like to make a comment or submit a suggestion about our services, or are unhappy with a service that we have provided you then please tell us.

We will try to resolve your issue as quickly and effectively as possible and use your experience to improve our services for the future.

Making a request or report

For requests and reports there may be a more appropriate online form for the service you need. Using our online forms will ensure that your enquiry is passed to the right area without delay.

Find out if there is an online form for your request.

Making a complaint

If you are making a complaint, please only complete the form if you would like to make a formal complaint about one of our services.

Please note, we will not treat the following as a complaint:

  • a request for a service or for information
  • reporting a fault
  • offering a comment about a service
  • disagreement with a rule of law applied by the Council (e.g. parking penalty charge notices)

You will find a copy of our Managing Unreasonable Customer Conduct Behaviour Policy online

To make a complaint you can:


Submitting feedback

If you would like to submit a general comment or suggestion about a service, or give us a compliment for a service you were happy with, you can also use our complaints and feedback form to do this.