What to do if your planning application is refused

If your planning application is refused

We will give you written reasons why we’ve refused your planning application in your decision notice.

Read more about what to do if your application is refused on the Planning Portal.

Revise and resubmit your application

The quickest way to get approval for your work is to resubmit your planning application with our required changes. 

Before submitting a revised application, we recommend you get pre-application advice so that your resubmitted application is more likely to succeed.

Find out more about how to resubmit a revised application on the Planning Portal. 

In some circumstances, you can submit a revised planning application free of charge.

Appeal a refused application

You have a right of appeal if:

  • we fail to reach a decision on your application within the statutory time frame (8 or 13 weeks depending on the scale of the application or a different mutually agreed timeframe)
  • the Council refused planning permission
  • you want to challenge the conditions imposed on a grant of planning permission

Only the person who submitted the application can submit an appeal. 

Other interested parties, such as neighbours, can't appeal the decision. However, they will be notified that an appeal has been lodged if they had made representations on the planning application.

Find out more about the process of making an appeal.

Last Modified: 13/02/2023 16:03:53