Flood prevention and managing the risk of flooding

Flood investigation

We have a duty to investigate flooding when it is 'necessary and appropriate' (section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act).

You can tell us about flooding in the borough, or we may notice incidents of flooding ourselves. When we come to know about flooding we decide whether to undertake a flood risk investigation. We are likely to investigate where:

  • a property have been flooded inside, on more than one occasion
  • five or more properties have been flooded inside during a single flood incident
  • critical infrastructure has been affected by flooding
  • the source of flooding is ambiguous

The investigation will identify which Risk Management Authority (for example us or the Environment agency) have a flood risk management function in relation to the flood. It will then detail what each authority with a relevant function is going to or has done in response to the flooding incident.

Recent flood investigations

Copies of flood investigation reports are available on request by emailing [email protected].

  • Publication date: 5 November 2013
    Incident location: Kingsgate Road (beneath the railway bridge)
    Incident date: 27 to 30 July 2013