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Mooring in Kingston

To improve, protect the local environment and maintain the area’s unique riverside heritage. visitor moorings fees have been introduced.  The intention is to deter boats from overstaying at mooring sites ensuring moorings are available for visitors to the town centre and the riverside remains a safe and pleasant place for everyone.

Permitted Mooring Locations  

  1. The mooring of any vessel is only permitted at Town End Wharf and Horsefair Quay. 

  1. By mooring a vessel, the registered owner and/or person in charge of the vessel accepts the terms and conditions.  

  1. Mooring is only permitted alongside: finger mooring or double mooring is not permitted. 

  1. Mooring is restricted to Environment Agency Registered Vessels ONLY. Vessels must have a valid Boat Safety Certificate and be insured against loss or damage. 

  1. The following mooring fees apply throughout the year: 

    • First 24 hours (in accordance with the public right of navigation defined in the Thames Conservancy Act 1932): no fee provided the vessel does not return to either Town End Wharf or Horsefair Quay within 48 hours of leaving its mooring.

    • For each subsequent 24 hours or part thereof, the fee is £10.00 

    • When Red Boards are displayed (as indicated on the Environment Agency website), the daily charge of £10.00 per 24 hours or part thereof shall apply until the red boards are removed.

  2. No vessel may be moored at either Town End Wharf or Horsefair Quay for more than 72 hours. (Other than when the River is under Red Board conditions – see 5.c.)

  1. After a vessel has left its mooring it may not return to either Town End Wharf or Horsefair Quay before the expiry of 48 hours.

To register your arrival or pay for mooring please visit the where2moor website

You are required to register your arrival to be entitled to the first 24 hours for free. 

  1. Location code for Town End Pier and Horsefair Quay - 2631 

No Mooring Locations 

  1. Mooring at any other location on the River Thames (or permitted navigable route) within the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, where ‘No Mooring’ signage is displayed, is subject to compliance with the provisions of the Thames Conservancy Act 1932. 

  2. At any location, the maximum permitted stay is 24 hours. Once a vessel has left its mooring no person may cause or permit the vessel to return to the same location within 48 hours.

Penalties for Breach of Conditions 

  1. A Mooring Penalty Charge Notice of £150 will be issued in respect of any breach of the terms and conditions including but not limited to:

    • Failing to pay the correct mooring fee

    • Mooring for longer than the permitted time

    • Returning to moor before the expiry of 48 hours after leaving

    • Any moored vessel which does not display a valid registration plate issued by the Environment Agency or is moored without a valid Boat Safety Certificate or insurance

  2. Penalty charges apply for each 24-hour period of contravention.

Visitor mooring locations map

Last Modified: 15/06/2022 12:19:44