Park maintenance

The maintenance of our open spaces, parks, highway verges, and housing estates is managed by our grounds maintenance partners, Glendale. 

Glendale are responsible for a broad range of maintenance activities, from grass cutting, to horticulture and litter clearance. For full information on their responsibilities, to find out when your local green space will be maintained, or to book a sports pitch, please visit Glendale’s local website

To find out about what you can expect from the new contract, please visit our Glendale Launch page

Report issues in a park

You can report an issue within a park by visiting the page related to the issue:

To find out more of when your park will next be maintained or find out more about what services we offer.

Park Trees

Trees in parks are inspected every summer and any health and safety works identified. Please note that trees in parks will not necessarily be pruned for reasons of aesthetics or light. Shrubs will be pruned at appropriate times of the year depending on their flowering cycle.

Find out more about street trees.

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