Winter weather - gritting & salt bins

Preparing for ice and snow

Each year, we update our Winter Service Plan which sets out how we ensure the safe passage of vehicles on priority routes. 

TfL decide when to grit or salt their red routes within the borough.

Gritting footpaths and cycleways

Kingston deems the footway and cycleway network to carry less risk with regards to winter weather than the carriageway asset. The Council has assessed the number of complaints, reports of accidents and claims made against the Authority and has deemed that no precautionary gritting of footways or segregated carriageways is necessary. Therefore, the policy for footways is to provide a reactive service and gritting only takes place in priority areas where snow has formed or accumulated. Salt on the footway is spread manually and therefore there are no set spread rates.

Find your nearest salt bin

If ice and snow is making roads or footpaths dangerous, you can find a nearby salt bin and use the salt to treat the area.

Salt bins are usually found on quieter roads in places where the footways are steep or where problems are known to exist. The salt provided is for use by members of the public on public roads or footpaths. Please be neighbourly and do not use it on private land.

Report an issue with a grit bin

How to spread salt

Salt works best if it is spread in advance of ice, so keep an eye on the weather forecasts and be ready to take action before the ice forms. If you are dealing with snow - clear it away with a spade or broom and then spread the salt.

When spreading salt: 

  • wear warm, tough clothing to protect you from the weather and accidents - don't forget strong shoes or boots with good grips and gloves (gloves with a grip make things easier)
  • use a spade or shovel and a stick, don't overload the spade/shovel and use the stick to flick salt onto the road or path 
  • spread in an even thin layer, you don't need too much - imagine you are scattering seeds
  • be careful not to spread over the grass verges
  • if you need to take the salt away from the bin use a wheelbarrow and spare your back

For further advice, please visit the national government services website.

Driving in winter conditions

Stay safe in the winter and plan your journey in advance. Check weather reports and traffic reports before setting off. If the weather is bad it may be safer not to travel.

The Met Office provides information about preparing your vehicle and planning your journey during severe weather. It includes links to live traffic and weather updates.

Kingston Winter Service Plan download

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