Street cleaning and reporting litter

Street cleaning

Our aim is to ensure that the borough has clean streets, free from litter, dog fouling, dirt, dead animals and dangerous debris. We clean all public roads and pavements:

  • All residential roads are inspected and swept on a regular basis to keep them clean
  • Town Centres have a continuous service between the hours of 6am - 8pm

When is my street cleaned?

Your street is regularly monitored for cleanliness using set grades. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part IV brought in a code of practice that sets cleanliness standards for streets and land, depending on location and usage. This has been strengthened by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. Specifically the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 details grades of cleanliness and zones of land use.

There are four street cleaning grades in Kingston as shown below:

  • Grade A : No litter or refuse in the street
  • Grade B : Predominantly free of litter and refuse apart from some small items
  • Grade C : Widespread distribution of litter and refuse with some minor accumulations
  • Grade D : Heavily littered with significant accumulations

If you believe your street is at grade C or below, please let us know so that we can inspect and clean where necessary. All streets are cleaned to Grade A standard and maintained at Grade B. There is a response time of up to one working day to justified complaints of roads falling to Grade C and below. 

Request street clean


Littering is illegal. People caught littering can receive an on-the-spot fine called a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £80. If a person is taken to court the fine could be up to £2,500.

If you see litter on our streets you can let us know using our report street litter online form. You can report:

  • general waste or litter
  • broken glass
  • oil
  • needles
  • dog waste
  • dead animals

We'll consider the issue and when the next street clean is scheduled, when deciding what to do. If the issue is urgent or dangerous (things like broken glass from windows, spillages near schools, or something causing a health and safety risk) please call 020 8547 5002 straight away so we can respond quickly.

You can help

  • Ensure you take your litter home or use the street litter bins provided.
  • Do not put your green boxes, rubbish or recycling sacks out before collection; ensure the contents are secure until collection day. If you recycle a lot and use three or more green boxes per fortnight, you may prefer to use a green wheelie bin
  • Clear up after your dog by using the street litter bins throughout the borough.

Leaves on the street

During the autumn we have additional crews out, working to clear areas that have high levels of leaf fall.

We aim to keep the roads and pavements clear of slippery wet leaves. We have a leafing programme that covers roads with known high leaf fall as well as responding quickly to reports of other areas that require attention. Where we receive report of hazardous leaves we will visit to assess and arrange clearing as necessary. We do not cover clearance of leaves from private land.

You can help

  • Report areas that may require special leaf clearance by calling 020 8547 5002, so that we can arrange an inspection.
  • Please do not sweep leaves onto the public highway from your property
  • Collect leaves from your property and either:

Other problems on the highway

For more information about how to report potholes, faulty street lights and overhanging trees, see how to report problems on the highway.