Flood prevention and managing the risk of flooding

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

As Local Lead Flood Authority, we have a duty, under Section 9 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, to develop, maintain, apply and monitor a strategy for local flood risk management. Local flood risk is the risk of flooding from ordinary watercourses, groundwater and surface water.

Our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy was approved on 10 December 2015 by the Residents Committee. You can download:

The strategy describes how flood risk will be managed across the borough. It considers the risk of flooding from ordinary watercourses, groundwater and surface water. It outlines our priorities for managing the local flood risk and sets out a delivery plan to manage the risk over the next five years.

We have given consideration to the roles and responsibilities of other risk management authorities across the borough. These include:

  • the Environment Agency, who have responsibility for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers 
  • Thames Water, who have responsibility for managing the risk of flooding from sewers
We've considered how these may interact and influence the risk of flooding from surface water and groundwater.

The strategy includes:

  • the risk management authorities within the boundaries of the borough and what management functions each authority has 
  • the objectives for managing local flood risk, along with how and when they are expected to be achieved 
  • the cost and benefit of each measure 
  • an assessment of local flood risk 
  • an action plan of how and when the strategy is to be reviewed 
  • how the wider environment will benefit by achieving the objectives set out in the strategy 

Consultation on the strategy

We began consulting with the community between December 2013 and February 2014. We used the feedback to shape the first draft of the strategy and flood risk management priorities. Between April and June 2015, we consulted again and used the feedback to shape the final draft of the strategy. The strategy was then approved at the Residents Committee in December 2015.

Flood consultation

We are currently asking residents to report historic flooding incidents across areas of the borough to gain an improved understanding of local flood risk. Please fill out the online survey by 23rd July 2017.