Parking suspensions and dispensations

Suspensions - and how to apply for one

About suspensions

Examples: house or office move, roads works or an event

If you require one or more parking places to be kept free for access or vehicles, you can apply for a suspension. We charge per day but if you don't require the suspension across a weekend, we won't charge you for a Saturday or Sunday.

You don't get a discount if you require the suspension only for certain hours during the day but it is useful to tell us so we can allow others to park outside those hours.

We can issue a free dispensation (consent form for the windscreen of a vehicle) for each parking space you ask us to suspend if required.

If we agree to the suspension, we put up a suspension notice giving drivers advance warning of when they can and can't park. It stays in place until the suspension ends.

We try to suspend parking spaces as close to your requested location as we can, but in some cases they can be up to 75 metres away.

If we cannot put the suspension in place, we will try to make an alternative arrangement with your or arrange a full refund.

Suspension fees

Funerals - up to three spaces suspended for free. Please call the council contact centre to make these arrangements

£28.25 for each car length space (five metres) in Kingston town centre (Zone A/A1) for non-residents and businesses

£16.95 per car length space (five metres) for all other suspensions

Residents seeking the £16.95 rate for suspensions in Kingston town centre must attach/email a copy of TWO of the following as proof of residency. One must be less than three months old and the other less than six months old: 

  • council tax document
  • tenancy agreement
  • recent utility bill (not mobile phone)
  • driving licence
  • bank statement

Apply for a suspension online

You can now apply and pay for a suspension online through a permit account.

The suspension permit is located in the ‘Apply for a NON zone related permit’. On the following screen you can then select the relevant suspension type in the permit category menu.

To advise us of the exact location you require the suspension to be applied, first select the street from the drop down menu and then select the type of bay you wish to suspend. Only the bays available to suspend will be displayed. After selecting the bay, you then need to provide the reason for the suspension in the comment box provided.

Each application also gives you the option to add up to three vehicles to be covered by a dispensation. The vehicle registration number can also be changed at any time whilst the suspension is active.

You will need to specify how many car lengths the suspension is to cover. We count a space as a car length of between 4.5 to five metres.

Each suspension application will cover one suspension for the location and dates you apply for. Additional dates or locations will require an additional application.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your application has been received. A further email will be sent to you advising if the application outcome.

Please note that you will not be able to make an online application for suspensions to start within five working days.


When you can claim a refund:

  • If you want to cancel a suspension which is due to start in more than four working days, you can claim for the whole cost of the suspension minus a £15 administrative charge. To request a refund please contact our contact centre during opening hours.

  • If you want to cancel a suspension which is due to start in less than four working days you may be able to claim a partial refund if the suspension was due to last at least five working days. You can't claim for the first four working days and you will pay a £15 administrative charge. To request a refund please contact our contact centre during opening hours.

It takes us up to 28 days to process refunds from when we receive your claim. We will refund card payments back to the card used to make payment.