How to pay for parking

Pay for parking

Three ways to pay for parking in Kingston 

There are three simple ways to pay, using your number plate and the parking location number to register your session so you don’t need to display a ticket.

  • download the free RingGo App on your smartphone and paying by card
  • phone RingGo on 020 7125 0044 or by text 81025 paying by card
  • visit the nearest PayPoint convenience store to the parking location and pay by cash or card. 

You must register before you use RingGo services for the first time.

There is no price difference between payment methods.

Blue badge parking is still free, for up to three hours or as signposted.

Three of our car parks will retain pay stations where pay and display stations will remain and payment can be made by card or cash can be made (Cattle Market, Bittoms and The Rose). 

Please Note: You DO NOT  pay for parking by RingGo using a QR code. If you see a QR code on a payment parking machine do not scan it, scammers are displaying fake QR codes on parking signage that link to a fake Pay by Phone website. If you see a QR code displayed on a parking machine please let us know by calling NSL, our parking service team, on 0330 135 8952 (Monday to Saturday: 7am-10pm, Sunday: 10.30am-10pm). Outside of these hours please call 101 and report the incident.

30 Minutes Free Parking at selected locations

You can now access 30 minutes free parking when using the RingGo App at selected locations. This will be available for use when parking within district shopping areas in the borough. These locations will be clearly marked as 30 minutes free parking locations.

Once you have your location code, you can register your parking session 
1. via the RingGo App - if in an applicable location, you will find 30 minutes free parking as the first option 
2. phone RingGo on 020 7125 0044 or by texting 81025 paying by card 
3. visit the nearest PayPoint store to register your parking session.

Pay by mobile phone with RingGo 

More than 70% of people opt to use the RingGo app on a smartphone to pay for parking. If you want to pay by app, phone call or text you will need to register with RingGo.

Register with RingGo:

To register you will need: 

  • the registration number (number plate) of your vehicle and it will come up with the make and colour of your vehicle to check which vehicle you are parking
  • your payment card details
  • your contact details.

Using the RingGo App

View a step-by-step guide on downloading the RingGo app

calling or texting RingGo and paying by card.

You will need to have registered for RingGo in order to pay for your parking by phone or text see above for the ways to register.

By Phone 

You can call RingGo on 020 7125 0044 

By text message

You can send a text message (SMS) from your mobile phone to 81025. See RingGo Text to Park for more information. 
You will receive a text confirming whether or not you have successfully paid to park. Text message fees in Kingston cost 10p per text which will be added to your parking charges from RingGo. 

What are the benefits?

  • It's quick and easy to use - register once and you can use the service whenever you need to pay for parking wherever the RingGo service is offered. 
  • You can choose to receive text messages when your parking is about to expire, these incur a charge
  • You can extend your parking without returning to your car (up to the maximum stay permitted)
  • You can download a receipt for your parking through your RingGo account.

Pay at a PayPoint Store 

Customers who do not own, or are unable to use a mobile phone can pay at the nearest PayPoint shop by card or cash - you just need to bring along to the shop the 
location number of the parking machine, as clearly marked on the machine 
your car registration number 
your payment card or cash.

The nearest PayPoint shops to each parking machine will be detailed on signage on the parking machine with information on how to pay at a PayPoint shop

You can also request the three nearest PayPoint stores by text to 81025.  Send SHOP RINGGO followed by the parking location number. This will cost 15p
You can also use Find the nearest PayPoint store

Move to cashless parking 

Parking machines in Kingston have been cashless since April 2021. Following our engagement and consultation process it was agreed in May 2023 that 180 ageing pay and display machines will be removed. Kingston Council is set to save £1.8million on the cost of replacing ageing pay and display machines which have reached their end of life. 

Pay and display

Our car parks at The Bittoms, Cattle Market and The Rose will retain a pay on foot pay station. In these locations customers can buy a ticket with cash or card if they are not using the RingGo service. 
 Before paying for parking, check you are in a pay-for-parking space; rather than a permit holder only or other restricted space. 
If you buy a ticket at the machine it must cover the amount of time you intend to stay. You must clearly display the ticket in your car. The ticket can be used as a receipt.

Blue badge holders – disabled parking bays

If you have your blue badge with you (whether you are the driver or passenger) you can park for free in a blue badge space (also called a disabled parking space). Find out more about Blue Badge application
In pay on foot car parks, where you get a ticket upon entering the car park, you can either:
press the 'i' button on the payment machine and show your blue badge
or take your blue badge to the nearest Disabled Parking Validation point or pay station to validate your ticket. 


Smartphone payment scams

We are aware that scammers are targeting smartphone parking payments in other London boroughs. The scammers are displaying fake QR codes on parking signage that link to a fake Pay by Phone website. Our RingGo parking payment service has no QR code access option. When you use a smartphone to pay, open the RingGo app and use the numeric six digit location code to ensure you make the correct payment for your parking.

Payment machine scams

We are aware that scammers have previously targeted pay and display machines in the borough. Scammers attach devices to the card machine, which means that the card is not returned and money is taken from the account. If your card is not returned, please report this on 0330 135 8952 (Monday to Saturday: 7am-10pm, Sunday: 10.30am-10pm). Outside of these hours please call 101 and report the incident. Please don’t use machines that look in any way suspicious.You can still pay for parking using RingGo App, phone call or PayPoint for cark park that still opperates  a pay station machine.

Parking Enforcement Officers and Machine Maintenance Staff working on behalf of RBK will never ask you to provide any personal bank details whilst using a ticket machine. If you are using a pay & display machine and are approached by anyone claiming to be an employee of RBK or NSL, asking you to provide your card or bank details, please do not hand these over.

Reporting scams 

If you spot something on a pay and display machine or parking signage that doesn’t look right or in the event you are asked to provide bank or card details, please let us know by calling NSL, our parking service team, on 0330 135 8952 (Monday to Saturday: 7am-10pm, Sunday: 10.30am-10pm). Outside of these hours please call 101 and report the incident.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers have been briefed to be vigilant.

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Telephone: 020 7125 0044