Parking zones - operational days, hours and charges

Bank holiday and late night parking

Bank holiday parking 

You can park anywhere in the borough on Christmas Day and Bank Holidays. You can park on single yellow lines (without kerb markings) and Pay and Display areas are not chargeable EXCEPT in Kingston town centre (Zones A and A1) and the following roads from Zone B: 

  • Acre Road (part of the road)
  • East Road
  • Canbury Park Road (part of the road)
  • Cowleaze Road
  • Elm Crescent
  • Elm Grove

Late night parking restrictions

In Zones A and A1 (Kingston town centre) and the above roads in Zone B, parking controls apply until 10.30pm seven nights a week.

The late night restrictions do NOT apply to these roads in Zone A and Zone A1:

  • Avenue Road
  • The Bittoms (part of)
  • Milner Road
  • Woodbines Avenue