Parking permits

Visitor parking vouchers - residents

Please keep checking this web page for up to date information regarding changes to the Parking service in light of the current response to COVID-19

Resident visitor vouchers

Residents within a parking zone or permit parking area can purchase online visitor parking vouchers if they're available for that zone, to allow visitors to park on the street during restricted parking hours. You don't need a parking permit to buy them.

To use these vouchers once purchased, you must activate each visitor session through your account. When doing so, specify the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN), the start date and the time. You can also opt in to receive an email confirmation that the session has been activated.

These vouchers can be used anywhere that a resident's parking permit is valid. You can buy the permits in hourly, 6 hourly or daily (24 hour) sessions with the minimum single purchase being 10 sessions.

Costs are:

  • 1 hour - 50p
  • 6 hours - £1.50
  • 24 hours - £3

Each household can only buy up to 200 sessions a year. Refunds are only given to un-used voucher sessions.  

Buy vouchers online

You will need to apply for visitor permit online through your permit account.

To do this follow the steps to apply for a permit and select the relevant visitor permit type you require. If you already have an active resident’s permit for the same address being applied for then your visitor permit application will be approved automatically. New applicatications will be required to provide evidence and will be subject to approval.

Using your sessions once approved

To use a visitor voucher session, follow these simple steps:

  • log into your permit account
  • go to section 1 ‘apply and manage your permits’ and click on the visitor permit you want to use a session on.
  • click on ‘use’
  • enter the Vehicle Registration Number
  • select the date and time you would like the session to begin
  • tick the box if you would like to receive email confirmation
  • click ‘ok’ to confirm 
  • you will then see the used session

Useful information

You can see the duration of the sessions in the visitor permit type under ‘permit duration’

  • you can see the number of sessions where it states number of permits
  • you can edit the vehicle on an active session at any point by clicking ‘edit vehicle’

Apply online

You can apply for or renew digital permits online using the link below. 

Register or apply for a permit online.

You will be taken to an external site where you will need to create an online account. You will be required to upload proof (documents) which can be scanned.

How to apply for a visitor parking permit online

Detailed requirements for each of the permits can be found on the 'What type of permit do I need' webpage. 

We have created an easy to follow guide on how to register and apply for your visitor vouchers online. You can also email us at: [email protected] 

If you would like help to activate online visitor vouchers or do not have access to the internet, we are happy to help. Please call 020 8547 1333 (Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm). If you are expecting visitors after 5pm on weekdays or over the weekend you can activate your vouchers in advance. 

For the small number of residents who don’t have an online account for parking services, you can continue to use paper scratchcards for visitors. 


For the small number of residents who do not have access to the internet and live in zones A,B,C,G,H,N,R,S,T,V,DB,DC,DD can still use paper vouchers (which are still valid) for their visitors.

The scratch cards are sold as a book of 10 scratch cards and a maximum of 20 books (200 scratch cards) can be used per address/per year. You can only purchase 10 books in one order.

To purchase a scratch card book please call 020 8547 1333 (Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm). You will need to provide two proofs of address.

Extra checks

To ensure the integrity of the scheme, we make use of existing Council records. We will also select some applications at random to provide the normal evidence. This may be after your vouchers have been issued. Please ensure you provide an email address during the application process so we can contact you quickly and avoid delay.

If you do not respond to our requests for evidence, we will not issue the vouchers, or if they have already been issued and you ignore our requests, we will cancel and invalidate the permit. If a vehicle is parked without a valid voucher, it may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).