How to pay for parking

Pay and display

Before paying for parking check you are in a pay for parking space, rather than a permit holder only or other restricted space.  

Where pay and display parking is in operation you can park your car in a pay and display space – then buy a ticket from the payment machine. Costs and parking hours will be displayed on the machine. You buy a ticket to cover the amount of time you intend to stay. You then display the ticket in your car.

If you are in a zone where the new machines have been installed, there will be clear signs directing you to them. The new machines require you to enter your car registration number into the machine and you can then pay with cash, card, contactless payment or via the Ringo mobile app. Once you have paid, there is no need to return to your car to display a ticket.

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Pay for you parking online 

You can pay for your parking using the Ringo app or website create an account and keep track of your parking on your phone you do not need to display anything on your car window screen it is a quick and secure way yo pay for your parking.