Car parks: location, prices and terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of car park use

Pay and display car parks

Pay and display car parks are managed under a Traffic Management Order made under the Road Traffic Act 1984 (as amended).  A copy of the relevant order can be made available for inspection, by request to Parking Services. 

Pay and display car parks may not be used for advertising, trading, camping, cooking, sleeping, washing or servicing vehicles unless agreed in advance with the Council. It is forbidden to erect any tent, booth or other structure. 

A vehicle which appears to be abandoned or one left in a parking space in contravention of the regulations may be immobilised or removed to a place of safekeeping and eventually disposed of. Costs of release, removal, storage and disposal will be charged to the vehicle's owner.

Contravention of any of the provisions of the Traffic Management Order may lead to the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice. Failure to pay a penalty charge may result in the issue of a charge certificate against the vehicle owner and the subsequent registration of a charge for recovery under a County Court Order.

Pay and display car parks are only available for use during the advertised opening hours. Where the car park is open for 24 hours, no vehicle may park for longer than 24 hours.

Parking is restricted to motor cars, motorcycles and invalid carriages only. Caravans, trailers, coaches and lorries are not permitted. The required parking fee must be paid at the time of parking unless the vehicle has a valid parking season ticket or permit for the car park. In car parks only, you are allowed to purchase additional tickets to extend your stay, up to the maximum time allowed. During the hours when charges apply, vehicles may be parked only whilst they are displaying an unexpired Pay and Display ticket or parking permit.

Pay and Display tickets are not transferable between vehicles and are not valid in more than one car park.

If a machine is out of order please use the nearest alternative machine in the car park.

Pay on foot car parks

Payment must be made at the Pay Station before you remove your vehicle. If you have lost your ticket you will need to report this. Lost tickets will be charged at the full daily rate from the car park opening time on the day of entry until the time of exit of the vehicle.

Blue-Badge holders and disabled parking

Only vehicles displaying a Blue Badge, in accordance with the regulations, may park in bays designated for the use of blue badge holders. The named person whose photograph appears on the badge must either be a driver or passenger in the car at the time of parking.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

Vehicle owners are liable to receive a penalty charge notice if they contravene the regulations governing the use of the car park.

The contraventions include:

  • failure to purchase and/or display a valid ticket

  • overstaying the expiry time shown on the ticket or the maximum period allowed within the car park

  • failure to park within the marked bays

  • parked in a ‘Blue Badge holders only’ bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge

  • parked in a permit bay reserved for designated users

  • parked in such a position to cause an obstruction

  • parking a vehicle which exceeds the maximum height and/or weight and/or length limits permitted in the area

  • parking a vehicle in a car park or area not designated for that class of vehicle

  • using a vehicle in a parking place in connection with the sale or offering or exposing for sale of goods


Release of vehicles after closing time

A service operates from the closing time of the car park until 12 midnight to release locked in vehicles. A charge of £50 per vehicle is made for this call-out service. To arrange a call-out telephone 020 8547 5798.

General assistance or advice

If you require any other assistance or advice on the use of our car parks please contact our car park supervisors on:

  • 020 8547 5002

  • 020 8547 6159 (after 6pm and on weekends)

The Council’s liabilities

  1. The Council, its servants and agents will accept no liability in respect of any loss, destruction, damage or theft from any vehicle save where the same is caused by the negligence, wilful act or default, or breach of statutory duty of the Council, its servants or agents, or the dishonesty of its servants or agents.


  2. The Council, its servants and agents will accept no liability in respect of death or personal injury sustained by customers and others in the Car Park save where the same is caused by the negligence, wilful act or default, or breach of statutory duty of the Council, its servants or agents.