COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - parking services

Updated 31st July 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - parking services

Please continue to check our website regularly and before you park to ensure you have the most up-to-date information and advice.

As Government restrictions on movement are gradually lifted, Kingston has responded by reinstating its parking service. Parking controls and enforcement are needed to ensure the safe and efficient use of the road network.

Our car parking and enforcement operations have now returned to normal with the concessions for Key Workers remaining in effect for the sectors mentioned below.

Council Car Parks

Town Centre Multi Storey Car Parks (The Rose, Bittoms, Cattle Market) - 50% Discount

To help ensure Kingston remains an accessible place to live, work and visit, we will be supporting town centre businesses and workers by offering a 50% discount on parking tariffs in Bittoms, Cattle Market and The Rose car parks. From 29th May 2020, the new tariff will be in place and all parking charges in our multi-storey car parks will resume. 

Enforcement & Debt

Over the coming weeks, the Council will be contacting those with outstanding debt to re-connect, and work together to find a way for debts to be settled.

Customers should not contact the Council directly, instead wait to be contacted.

You should not ignore debt, as it could affect your ability to obtain credit into the future, potentially resulting in a mark against your credit score. If you are having difficulty paying, the Council will work with you on a payment plan. You can also seek independent debt advice.

Key Workers & Approved Volunteers

The Council created and implemented two types of parking permits to support our Key Workers and Approved Volunteers to support the community. Arrangements for these temporary permits will remain in place for those in Health & Social Care functions until at least 31st August 2020. All key worker and volunteer permits previously issued to other sectors not mentioned below have now expired. All permit holders have been contacted and notified

Key Worker Permits allow parking in any of the following parking areas without a time limit:

  • Resident & Shared Use permit parking bays

  • Pay & Display Bays

  • In Kingston Council Car Parks (during the normal hours of operation)

To support those loading and unloading essential deliveries or conducting essential personal care visits, Approved Volunteer Permits allow parking for up to one hour in any of the following parking areas:

  • Resident & Shared Use permit parking bays

  • Pay & Display bays

  • KingstonCouncil Car Parks (during the normal hours of operation)

The Council has a set criteria for these temporary permits and these will only be issued if authorised by the Council, once the  necessary evidence required has been provided.

The following are classified as Key Workers and eligible for the Key Worker Permit:

  • Health & Social Care Workers

The following are classified as Approved Volunteers and eligible for the Approved Volunteer Permit: 

  • Approved Council Volunteers for COVID-19 response

If you are a Key Worker or Approved Volunteer as classified above, please speak to your line manager or organisation coordinator about obtaining a permit. Your line manager or organisation coordinator can contact the Council at [email protected] for you to ensure this is properly coordinated and authorised. 

COVID-19 Permit

If you have been affected by COVID-19 and are currently isolating and/or live in a car free development and are currently unable to apply for a resident permit, the Council has created a temporary COVID-19 permit to assist you.

You must be a Kingston resident, or a person residing in Kingston on a temporary basis as a result of COVID-19, and be able to provide the relevant documentation for your application to be assessed. 

The temporary COVID-19 permit is currently available for purchase online, the permit will be valid for use for up to 1 month, charged at £30, which must be paid before the permit will be issued. Please check the website for more information and how to apply. The permit is available to purchase through our permits link.

The documentation required is as follows: proof of residency (a household bill or council tax bill in the resident's name), letter of eligibility (this can be a note from the resident confirming you are temporarily residing at the address) and proof of vehicle ownership. If you have any questions please contact our permit team by emailing [email protected]