Parking permits and visitor vouchers

Service provider permits

If you are an organisation, business or individual who offers services to the council or local residents in Kingston you can apply for a service provider permit. 

For example health carers, social workers, highway maintenance (internal only) or environmental health workers. 

What you need to apply

You need to provide electronic copies (scanned or photographed) of documents to show proof of a service being provided.

The proof should be in the form of company-headed paper and a document outlining the service that is being provided. 

How much it costs

It costs £500 for a 12 month permit. 

Apply for a service provider permit

After you apply

Permits start when you receive an email confirming that your permit is active. 

Depending on the type of permit purchased, approval may be instant or if it requires verification, it may take up to 10 working days after the day you make your application.

Last Modified: 02/05/2024 16:13:11