Apply for Parking Permits

Renew, amend, cancel or replace

All parking permits and vouchers are now digital, which means you will only be able apply and make changes online. 

Renew your permit online

When your permit is available to renew (one month before the expiry date) a renewal button will appear on your permit in NSL Apply. You can renew your permit any time after this button has appeared up to the day before permit expiry.

This button will disappear on the expiry date and you no longer have the option to renew the permit, you will need to complete a new permit application. Our teams are unable to reinstate the renewal option once it has expired

If your permit is due for renewal you will be sent the details you will need to renew it. If you have not received this notice you can contact us (during office hours).

By making a permit renewal application you are confirming you agree with the following statements:

  • I confirm that I continue to reside at the address stated at least four nights a week over 13 consecutive weeks and consider this to be my primary home address.
  • I confirm that I continue to be the keeper of the vehicle detailed, and its particulars have not changed and it continues to comply with the eligibility set out in my initial application.
  • I understand that at any future point during the life of the permit, I may be asked to provide suitable evidence of both address and vehicle ownership. I confirm I will provide this promptly and understand that failure to do so will result in the permit being cancelled.
  • I provide the contact details which I may be contacted on if I am selected for additional checks. I will advise the Council of any changes.
  • I understand that if I stop living in the controlled parking zone or stop keeping and using the vehicle listed, I will return the permit immediately.
  • I understand and accept that if I have stated anything, which I know to be false or untrue, I may be prosecuted.
  • I have read our updated guidance notes and instructions for residents’ parking permits and understand and accept the terms and conditions under which these are issued.

Log into your account

Amend, cancel or replace a permit

You can log into your account and make the following changes: 

  • change your vehicle - this include adding a temporary one 
  • update your address
  • cancel your permit if it has three months or more remaining

Refunds for Visitor vouchers

Refunds are available to customers who are relocating and moving away from the permit zone.

To request a refund you must have a minimum of 10 unused visitor sessions remaining on your account. You will need to email your request to  stating one of your permit unique reference numbers and the reason for your request. Our permit team will process your request and keep you updated.

Funds will be returned to the card that was used to make payment. If this is not possible then a refund will be sent out by cheque

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Parking Permits

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