Parking permits and visitor vouchers

Business permits

You can apply for a business parking permit if you pay business rates and run a business from a property in Kingston Upon Thames.

The permit will let you park in permit holder bays and shared use bays (a combination of permits and paid parking). You cannot park in 'resident' only parking bays. 

You can buy a permit for 12 months either for a specific zone or an any zone permit. Any zone permits are in all zones except zones A and A1. Each business can hold a maximum of 3 parking permits. 

Who can apply

Permits must be issued under a company name and can be used in any vehicle. To apply you will need to input at least one vehicle registration number. You can then add or change between another vehicle registration number once your permit has been approved.

All vehicles using the permit must be:

  • built to carry no more than 12 passengers (excluding the driver)
  • fit comfortably into a parking space no more than 2.28 metres or 5.25 metres long

What you need to apply

You’ll need to provide electronic copies (scanned or photographed) of documents to prove your address and confirm who owns your vehicle.

Proof of business address

Copies of 2 of the following:

  • Council Tax document
  • tenancy agreement
  • utility bill (we cannot accept mobile phone bills)
  • driving licence
  • bank statement

One of the documents must be less than 3 months old and the others no more than 6 months old.

Vehicle verification

If you own or lease your vehicle, you will need to provide a copy of one of the following:

  • vehicle log book (V5C) registration certificate with your name and current address
  • insurance documents showing the vehicle and driver details and current address
  • if it’s leased, you’ll need to show a copy of a formal hire or lease agreement for the vehicle showing your current address

Proof of business

A copy of your original business rate document. If your business is not named on the document, we need a letter from your accountant (no more than one month old) to confirm the business is based at the address you state.

How much it costs

12 month permit (zone specific) - these are valid only in the zone for which they were purchased (usually the zone where the business is situated).

These cost:

  • £400.00 for a first permit
  • £550 for a second permit
  • £650 for a third permit and any additional thereafter

12 month permit (All zones except A/A1) - these are valid in all zones except for zones A/A1

These cost:

  • £800.00 for the first and subsequent permits.

Apply for business parking permit

After you apply

Permits start when you receive an email confirming that your permit is active. 

Depending on the type of permit purchased, approval may be instant or if it requires verification, it may take up to 10 working days after the day you make your application.

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Parking Permits

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