Previous consultations

Raeburn Avenue Recycling Centre public consultation

We are considering the future of the Raeburn Avenue Recycling Centre following a petition signed by over 100 local residents. The petition highlights fly tipping and maintenance issues on the site.

Subject to wider consultation, the neighbourhood committee will discuss the options available for the site. These could range from improving maintenance to closing the recycling centre and replacing it with something else, such as parking spaces, a community orchard or garden.

Raeburn Avenue Recycling Centre was opened before we introduced our enhanced kerbside recycling service in 2008.

The introduction of this service has reduced the need for local recycling centres as residents can leave out a wide range of items, including big flattened cardboard and textiles, for collection from their doorstep.

Due to the fact that this is an unsupervised site, unlike our main recycling centre at Villiers Road, the following issues have become a big problem:
  • fly tipping and waste dumping are happening more and more often and this is very costly for us to clear up
  • material that people bring to the site is being contaminated by waste dumped into the recycling containers, which in cases, could lead to the whole container being diverted to landfill

We were keen to hear the views of local residents and users and published a survey. The closing date for responses was 17 March 2014 and the final decision will be made at the Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee meeting on 26 March.