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Health and wellbeing support

Keeping warm and staying well this winter

Cold weather can make some health problems worse and can even lead to serious complications so it is really important to take action, especially for those aged over 65, with a long term condition or living with limited mobility, are pregnant or have a young child. There is lots of useful information and advice on the NHS website

Keep yourself and those you care for safe and well this winter by following some simple tips:

  • Try to eat one hot meal a day, keep hydrated and stock up on nutritious food. It's sometimes helpful to make a flask so you can have hot drinks throughout the day.
  • Wear layers of clothing, ideally with natural fibres, such as cotton and wool.
  • Try to be active indoors and move around every hour or do chair based exercise.  
  • Draw your curtains before it gets dark to keep heat in.
  • Try to keep rooms warm (at least 18 degrees if you’re over 65 or live with a condition). Draught-proofing and roof insulation will help with this. 
  • Have spare bulbs, batteries, a charged torch and mobile phone at hand, in case of a power cut.
  • Keep up-to-date with your vaccines, including Covid-19 and Flu.
  • Get advice from your GP if you are feeling unwell. 

Being cold can also increase your risk of falling. You can find useful information on how to prevent falls, and reduce your risk of falling at home on the Connected Kingston website. There is also more helpful tips on keeping warm and well on the Government website.

If you are struggling financially and are unable to keep your home warm, you can find more information on our finances, budgeting and debt advice page.

If you are not able to feed yourself or your family, you can find help and support on our emergency food supplies page. 

You can also find information and a map of all the warm spaces across the borough at 

Mental health support

For many people in Kingston right now, worrying about money may feel overwhelming or leave you feeling very anxious.

It's okay not to be okay. Connected Kingston lists a range of services and supportive advice and tips, from dealing with anxiety to confidential helplines, and specific information for those feeling isolated.

Visit Connected Kingston's mental health page if you feel you are struggling in any way.

If you‘re in a mental health crisis or need urgent support go to:

Other resources:

There are small things we can all do to help be kind to your mind, and these can make a big difference to how we feel. Search Every Mind Matters for free, NHS-approved advice and simple tips to help you look after your mental wellbeing and see whether you can make them part of your daily routine.

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