Antisocial behaviour

ASB case review

If you have previously reported ASB and feel that you have not received an adequate response, an ASB Case Review (formerly known as a Community Trigger) can be activated. 

The Safer Kingston Partnership (SKP) will then review their response to your reports.

The ASB Case Review has been designed to make sure that we work together to try to resolve your issue through talking together, sharing information about the problem and acting together.

Use the ASB case Review if you believe that no action has been taken in response to your reports. This cannot be used to report a crime and does not replace the organisation's own complaints procedures. The ASB Case Review is also not for reporting antisocial behaviour. If you need to report antisocial behaviour, see reporting antisocial behaviour.

When can you use the ASB Case Review

If you (as an individual) have reported three separate incidents of antisocial behaviour in the last six months to the Council, police and/or a registered housing provider (social landlord) and consider that there has been no action taken, the Safer Kingston Partnership may be required to review their response under the ASB Case Review scheme.

In order to activate the ASB Case Review you must:

  • have made all the reports within a six month period.
  • have reported each incident within one month of it happening.
  • have written consent if using it on behalf of someone else.
  • not have an ongoing report that is still being dealt with.

The reports do not need to have been made to the same organisation - they can each have been made to different organisations such as the Council, police and a registered housing provider (social landlord).

How to refer

Complete the ASB case Review referral form.

You may also write to the Safer Kingston Partnership, Guildhall, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU with:

  • details of each time you've made a report.
  • who you reported it to (name, organisation and/or incident number).
  • information about the antisocial behaviour.

Next steps

If your case meets the criteria you will be notified within five working days. Your case will be reviewed and recommendations may be made as to how the case will progress. We will report back to you within 15 working days.

A response will be sent to you from the Antisocial Behaviour and Community Resilience Officer on behalf of the Safer Kingston Partnership, detailing the action taken with suggestions on how the partnership can attempt to resolve the antisocial behaviour.

ASB Case Review Data

Year Applications for Community Trigger Applications where threshold was not met Number of reviews Reviews resulting in recommendation
2020/2021 5 1 4 4
2021/2022 1 0 1 1
2022/2023 3 3 0 0

More information on the ASB Case Review can be found on the ASB Help website.

Police Victims Right to Review (VRR) Scheme

If you would like for a review of a police decision not to charge a suspect, you have the right to a VRR (Victims Right to Review) Scheme. You can request for this within 3 months of receiving the police decision not to charge someone, or that the case does not meet the test for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to charge someone.

For more information on the VRR Scheme, or to apply visit the Met Police Website.

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