Apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction

Other people living in your home


If other people live in your home (aged over 18) they are called ‘non-dependents’. The government expects them to pay something towards your housing costs and Council Tax so they may affect the amount of benefit you receive.


Set reductions

The government tells us how much your benefit should be reduced by based on the income of any non-dependents living with you. These are set amounts ranging from around £4 to £98.30. Your benefit will be reduced even if the people living with you do not contribute to your housing costs.


Making a claim

When making a claim for benefits our form asks for details of any people living with you, we then calculate how much benefit you could receive taking into account these non-dependents. There are some exceptions, for example if a non dependent is blind or mentally impaired your benefit will not be reduced. Our form covers the exceptions by asking questions about those living with you.


Evidence of income

When completing your claim with us you will need to provide evidence of your non-dependents income. If you cannot provide the information, or they will not help you to provide the information, the law says we must take the highest set amount from your benefit.


Let us know if someone comes to live with you

If you are already claiming Housing benefit or Council Tax reduction and someone comes to live with you, you must let us know as it could affect your benefits. If you do not let us know and we find out at a later time, you could be asked to pay back the benefit that you should not have received. That could be a large amount and would be difficult to pay back. So tell us about the change now using our online form. You will need to register and create an account with us if you haven’t already done so.