Homeowner guide to making a planning application

A new local validation list

A new local validation list has been adopted (1 May 2024).

Homeowner guide to making a planning application 

This step-by-step is to help guide you through the planning process in Kingston for changes to your home or property.

How the planning process works

An introduction to the planning process and what you need to consider.

1. Check if you need planning permission

Find out what type of planning approval you need for your project.

2. Planning policy and guidance

We make the decision on your planning application based on both national laws and local guidance. You should make sure your plans and designs are in keeping with local planning policy.

3. Pre-application planning advice service

Submit information about your proposal and pay to get some advice from our planning department.

4. Submit your planning application

When you’ve got all the required information, you can submit your application online.

5. Fast track your application

Pay to have your planning application determined more quickly than the statutory date of 8 weeks. You’ll need to request this when you submit your planning application.

6. After you’ve submitted a planning application

Information on how we make a decision to grant or refuse planning permission.

7. Amending an application

In some cases, you can amend an application after you’ve submitted it or after planning permission has been granted.

8. If your planning application is refused

How to submit a revised application or appeal a decision.

9. Planning enforcement and breaches

Information about how we enforce planning decisions.