What happens after you submit a planning application

After you submit a planning application

Once you’ve submitted a planning application, you’ll need to wait for us to make a decision.

How long a decision takes

It usually takes:

  • 8 weeks for household applications and small commercial applications
  • 13 weeks for very large scale developments

Get updates on your application

We will contact you about your application to let you know the outcome and if we need any more information.

You can also get updates online by:


We will first check your application to make sure that it’s valid. An application is valid if we have:

  • all the information and documents we need to make a decision
  • the correct fee for the application

We will tell you within 5 working days if something is missing, however, in busy periods this can take longer.


Once your application has been validated, we will publicise and consult on your application. Consultation usually lasts 3 weeks.

For most applications, we publicise them by writing to the immediate neighbours of the proposed site.

For larger applications, we might display a site notice on or near to the proposed site, and advertise in the local newspaper.

Anyone can leave a comment on a planning application. Planning officers will take these comments into account when deciding on your application.

Decision making

A planning case officer will be assigned to your application. 

They will make a careful assessment of:

  • what you’re proposing
  • what impact it will have on the surrounding area and any neighbouring properties
  • comments from the public

After their assessment, the case officer will contact you if any changes need to be made on your application.

Once the planning case officer has considered the proposal(s) and the consultation period has expired, we will make a decision on whether to grant planning permission.

Large or complex developments

Larger, more complex, or controversial applications may be decided by the Planning Committee or Neighbourhood Committees

If your application is dealt with at a Planning Committee meeting, you have the right to attend and speak at that meeting.

Telling you our decision

We will send you or your agent a decision notice that states whether we have granted or refused the application. 

The decision notice will also be visible on the application on Public Access.

Granted permission

  • the decision notice will list the conditions that your work must comply with
  • you can start work within the time limit as long as you follow these conditions
  • your application may be ‘approved subject to conditions’ - in this case, you may need to submit further information
  • you may need to apply for building regulations approval

Refused permission

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