Antisocial behaviour

ASB advice

What should you do if you are a victim or a witness of ASB

If you are at risk of immediate danger or harm, always contact the Police on 999. If the matter is not urgent contact 101, the met police website or the RBK Website. More information on reporting ASB can be found on the next page. 

It is essential to keep a diary of any antisocial behaviour which you are a victim or a witness. Keeping a log or a diary will help you to recall all incidents that have taken place and will allow investigating officers to build a picture of what is being experienced. It will also assist in forming part of an evidential pack when investigating ASB incidents and will allow the relevant authority to collate all necessary information to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Where it is safe to do so and does not put yourself in danger, it may also be useful to document any images, videos, CCTV footage or audio recordings relating to ASB incidents.

How to log an incident

You can use our ASB diary sheet to log any incidents.  Alternatively, you can record incidents in your own diary sheet however it is important to make sure that you have captured who what when why.

An example of a good log will include the date, time and location of the incident, descriptions of people present, details of the incident, and the impact that it is having on you or the neighbourhood. 

Remember to always include everything that you can - No detail is too small!

More advice 

For more advice you can visit ASB Help which is a registered charity in England and Wales which was set up to provide advice and support to victims of antisocial behaviour. It also details all the legal and non-legal powers which can be used to tackle antisocial behaviour.

You can use the ASB Help online interactive tool - ‘Act Now!’ if you need guidance around reporting antisocial behaviour and who to report it to.

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