Funding for the Rose Theatre

Kingston Council has considered the current funding proposals for The Rose Theatre and has reconfirmed its commitment to the theatre's future. 

The council's current contract for services from The Rose comes to an end in April 2020. The council will negotiate a new contract which is consistent with the need to make savings but also recognises the challenges faced by the theatre. The new contract will place community benefits at its core and ensure that cultural opportunities are available across the borough. 

Cllr Andreas Kirsch, Portfolio holder for Community and Governance, said:

"The council has worked very hard to bring The Rose to Kingston in the first place. We see the theatre as a great asset to the borough and remain committed to it. With the current contract coming to an end in nine months, we will take this opportunity to negotiate a new arrangement with The Rose that sees funding remain, but takes into account the financial challenges we face and places community benefits at its core, to ensure that cultural opportunities are available across the borough.

“I am looking forward to negotiating a new deal with the theatre in the spirit of partnership.”