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Healthy Streets is an initiative of the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL) to invest across London in projects that prioritise walking, cycling and public transport to create a healthier, cleaner and more inclusive city.

The allocation of £30 million mini-Holland funding to the Royal Borough of Kingston to implement the Go Cycle programme forms part of the Healthy Streets vision for London, enabling people to adopt healthier lifestyles and active travel choices.

As part of Go Cycle, Kingston is seeking to create new walking and cycling routes to improve road safety for everyone, upgrade public spaces and relieve the pressures on the borough's transport network. 

Adopting the Healthy Streets Approach will help improve air quality, reduce congestion and make London's diverse communities become greener, healthier and more attractive places in which to live, play and do business.

The benefits of active travel

The Healthy Streets approach states that the biggest threat to the health of Londoners is physical inactivity. Inactivity is increasing the risk of developing a range of chronic diseases including diabetes, dementia, depression and the two biggest killers in London - heart disease and cancer. We urgently need to design physical activity back into our everyday lives. 

Active travel - walking more, cycling more, using public transport more - provides the easiest and most affordable way for us all to get more active and live healthier lives. 

More than 40 per cent of Londoners do not achieve the recommended 150 minutes of activity a week; and 28 per cent do less than 30 minutes a week. Almost without realising it, we have engineered physical activity out of our daily lives. 

The easiest way to stay active is by walking or cycling as part of their daily travel. Two 10-minute periods of brisk walking or cycling a day is enough to get the level of physical activity recommended to avoid the greatest health risks associated with inactivity. At present, only about a third of adults in London are reporting this level of activity. It is the TfL and Mayor of London ambition for all Londoners to walk or cycle for 20 minutes every day.

10 Healthy Streets Indicators

The Healthy Streets Approach uses 10 evidence-based indicators of what makes streets attractive places. 

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Indicators Healthy Streets

 Find out how Go Cycle projects including Portsmouth Road measure up on the Healthy Streets indicators.

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