Policies and strategies for adult social care

Kingston Safeguarding Adults Partnership 

  • The partnership includes the Council, the police, health and social care providers and voluntary groups. The partnership follows a local protocol and a London-wide policy.

Kingston Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board 

  • The Kingston Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board (SAPB) is responsible for leading adult safeguarding and promoting the use of the Mental Capacity Act (2005). Senior staff who are able to make decisions and commit resources on behalf of their organisations sit on the board. It is responsible for developing a strategy to ensure adult safeguarding is delivered across the borough and conducting case reviews.
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Safeguarding Adults Local Protocol

London-wide policy on safeguarding adults

  • Statutory agencies – local councils, the police and NHS organisations – need to work together to promote safer communities, to prevent harm and abuse and to deal with suspected or actual cases. Key agencies in London have come together to produce 'Protecting adults at risk: London multi-agency policy and procedures'.
  • Read more about the London wide policy on the SCIE website

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