Housing and care home options

Choosing a care home

How to find and pay for a care or nursing home that meets your needs.

When to consider a care home

If you or someone you know can no longer live safely at home, a care or nursing home may be the best option.

They can help if you:

  • find it difficult to live alone, even with help from paid carers, family or friends
  • have a complex medical condition and need specialist care, day and night
  • have had a care needs assessment that says you should move into a care home

If you are considering moving into a care home, it is important to speak to us first. We can do a care needs assessment to find the proper support.

Help to stay at home

There may be other options to help you live safely and independently at home, including:

If any of these options are suitable for you, we will talk to you about them during your care needs assessment.

Choosing a care home

If moving into a care home is the right option for you, you will need to choose one that meets your needs now and in the future.

You can:

Care homes

Care homes provide somewhere to live and help with personal care, including:

  • meals
  • getting washed and dressed
  • taking medications
  • personal care needs, like toileting.

You’ll have your own bedroom and a shared bathroom with access to communal living spaces and a garden.

Some care homes provide short breaks for people who have carers who need time off. This is called respite care.

Dual-registered homes

A dual-registered care home provides residential and nursing care. If your care needs increase, you will not need to move.

Nursing homes

Nursing homes provide a place to live and personal care. They also have a nurse available 24 hours a day to care for people who have:

  • complex medical conditions
  • dementia or mental health conditions
  • severe learning disabilities

Help with care home costs

Care homes can be expensive. The cost will vary depending on the type of care home that suits your needs.

Help from the council

If you are eligible for care services after your care needs assessment. Our adult social care team will talk to you about how to pay for your care. They can support you to fill in a financial assessment, which helps decide the cost you pay towards your care.

Paying for your care

If you have more than £23,250 in savings, investments and property, you will not qualify for help from the council and will need to pay for your care.

We can still give you information and advice to find a suitable care home.

Help from the NHS

The NHS may fund your care home if you have long-term complex health needs. Find out about NHS continuing healthcare.

If you need nursing care in a care home, you may get help to pay for it. Find out about NHS nursing care.

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