Care Act 2014

The Care Act

The Care Act became law in May 2014. It places new duties on Local Authorities from April 2015. The Act brings together all the previous pieces of law relating to 'care and support services'. 'Care and support services' include help with everyday things such as: eating, washing, dressing, looking after your money, keeping active and being part of your community. The Act also modernises or updates the law where it is needed. 

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What the Care Act means for you

By April 2015 you will see new rules on who can get help and have the right to:
  • a 'care needs assessment' to work out what help you need
  • advocacy support to help you speak up if you need it
  • a Personal Budget to arrange your own care and support
  • defer paying care home costs until after your death
  • a 'carer’s assessment' if you support a family member or friend
  • (the proposed 'cap on care costs' was delayed until 2020, read about the cap on care costs)

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