Kingston Station

Installation of Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge 23-24 March 2019

Over the weekend of the 23-24 March, the new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists  was installed next to Kingston station. Weighing 50 tonnes, and measuring 32m long by 4m wide and 3m high, the bridge arrived overnight having travelled by road from Wales on a transporter with a police escort. Then, as one unit, was lifted and installed into position.

The Operation

It was a significant engineering achievement and milestone in the progress of upgrading the area around Kingston station, as part of the Go Cycle programme’s improving of Kingston’s cycling and transport infrastructure.

The overnight operation involved closing Kingsgate underpass on Saturday evening to start preparations to install the bridge, which involved:

  • Receiving delivery of the bridge, brought in across Kingston Bridge.
  • Removing the traffic signals in the underpass to allow free movement of plant and vehicles on the work site.
  • Preparing a temporary road surface to provide a secure base for the crane, which involved shipping in 700 tonnes of type 1 hardcore and sand and levelling the area to meet Network Rail’s required stipulations and approval.
  • Setting up and installing the 450t crane.
  • Unloading the bridge from the transporter.
  • Lifting the bridge and craning into position
  • Installing and securing the bridge.
  • Dismantling and removing the crane.
  • Removing the temporary road surface.
  • Reinstalling the traffic signals and restoring the road surface before reopening the road.

See it unfold here, step-by-step:

People Involved

In planning and delivering this operation, The Go Cycle team would like to thank our colleagues and associated partners including Dyer & Butler who managed the engineering operation, the bridge designers Buro Happold, Braithwaite Engineering the bridge manufacturers, PlantSpeed the heavy haulage specialists, the specialist crane operators Sarens UK, and a host of specialist support services that helped coordinate the operation over the weekend, including Network Rail and Transport for London.