Kingston to Tolworth

What is happening when?

Kingston to Tolworth - Phase 1: Penrhyn Road

The route runs between Kingston College Roundabout and Surbiton Road via Penrhyn Road.  Construction works commenced in January 2019.  The main works are broadly complete and the route is planned to open to cyclists after the final surface is added to the cycle lane. The carriageway and pedestrian areas have been upgraded as the segregated cycle lanes have been constructed, and the road layout has been improved.  The project will transform facilities for cyclists and extend the cycling network southwards between Kingston Town Centre and Surbiton. The northern end of the route connects with the Wheatfield Way scheme, while the southern end of the route links to the Surbiton to Kingston scheme at the junction of Surbiton Road and Surbiton Crescent. The Penrhyn Road section is the first phase of the Kingston to Tolworth scheme to be constructed.

Kingston to Tolworth - Phase 2: Ewell Road

In November 2018, the council's Environment & Sustainable Transport Committee agreed to proceed with Phase 2 of the Kingston to Tolworth scheme on Ewell Road.  Design of this phase was undertaken in 2019, and construction of this project began in January 2020. 

The works are being undertaken by Kier Highways on behalf of the council along the A240 Ewell Road between the intersections with St Marks Hill (B3370) and Tolworth Close, and are expected to continue until Spring 2021.  It is anticipated that the works will proceed in phased sections, and works may be carried out in more than one location at any one time.  In general, two-way vehicle access will be maintained along Ewell Road during the works.  However, should any diversions be required, notification letters will be sent and clear signage will be in place.

The works will involve:

  • Creation of new segregated cycle lanes
  • Upgrades to pedestrian/cycle crossings and traffic signal junctions
  • Upgrades to paving, footways, kerbs and central islands
  • Changes to street lighting
  • Resurfacing of the carriageway
  • Changes to bus stops
  • Changes to parking, loading and waiting restrictions

As part of these works, the following temporary measures may be expected at various stages:

  • Pedestrian/cycle crossing closures
  • Footway, carriageway and side road closures and incursions
  • On-street parking suspensions
  • Bus stop relocations
  • Night works

To deliver the Ewell Road project a section of Fishponds Park located on the Ewell Road frontage will be used as a compound for roadworks staff and material storage.  Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.  The area will be occupied until early 2021.  Thereafter the area will be fully reinstated including any necessary landscape and planting works.

The plan and timescales for the works along Ewell Road are developed with Transport for London and coordinated with other work planned by utility companies wherever possible in order to minimise disruption.  The first phase is expected to continue into the summer of 2020.

View and download the Ewell Road phases of construction here.

Further information about traffic updates can be found here.