Kingston to Tolworth

About the Kingston to Tolworth scheme

The Penrhyn Road section of the Kingston to Tolworth scheme commenced construction in January 2019. This section runs from Surbiton Road to College Roundabout, where it will join the Wheatfield Way scheme. Approval to undertake the detailed design and construction of the Penrhyn Road section, was granted by the council's Residents Committee in June 2017.

The Ewell Road section running from Tolworth Broadway to join Surbiton Hill Road (Surbiton to Kingston scheme) at the junction of St Mark’s Hill and Lamberts Road, is expected to commence in 2020.

The Kingston to Tolworth scheme will provide:

  • improved cycling facilities through separation from traffic on busy roads (Penrhyn Road and Ewell Road)
  • improved safety for bicycle riders - with junctions designed to give greater visibility and navigation for cyclists through intersections
  • better access and crossing provision for pedestrians
  • loading /unloading bays for businesses.