Privacy statement

Privacy notice

The council is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Through this privacy notice we have sought to be as transparent as possible to fully explain how your personal information is held and processed. This notice explains how we collect, use and share your information and how we keep it and how we keep it secure.

This privacy notice also explains when and why we collect personal information about people who engage or come into contact with us, whether via applying or receiving our services, living or visiting the borough or our website. Upon visiting our websites we will use third party service providers to collect technical information from your device, including standard internet log information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, your browser type and version, and certain page interaction information. In addition to this privacy notice some services have their own dedicated privacy notice to tell people in more detail how they use your information and the legal basis for using the information.

Information collected about you

The council may collect various types of personal data about individuals depending on the services your receive and your contact with the council. We only collect personal data that is absolutely necessary and any information we collect about you will be in accordance with data protection laws and other statutory obligations we are bound to follow.

The various types of personal data we collect include:

  • contact details; including name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.
  • date of birth
  • proof of identity
  • national identifiers such as; NHS number and NI numbers
  • information about your family
  • IP address and information regarding what pages are accessed and when
  •  lifestyle, social and personal circumstances
  • the services you receive
  • financial details for purposes of receiving or making payments
  • employment details (when you apply for jobs)
  •  housing information relating your council tenancy
  • visual images, personal appearance and behaviour
  • licenses or permits held
  • business activities

We may also collect sensitive personal data that may include:

  • physical or mental health details
  • racial or ethnic origin
  • gender and sexual orientation
  • trade union membership
  • political affiliation and opinions
  • offences (including alleged offences)
  • religious or other beliefs of a similar nature
  • criminal proceedings, outcomes and sentences

From May 2018, genetic data and biometric data will be treated as sensitive personal data. We may also record and monitor telephone calls to our Contact Centre for quality and training purposes.

Why we need your information

We need your personal data in order to provide you with council services that you apply for or receive from us and also where we are required to use information in order to meet our statutory obligations. We will only collect personal that is absolutely necessary and any information we collect about you will be strictly in accordance with the data protection law and other statutory obligations which we are bound by.

We process your information for the following services:

  • council tax
  • business rates
  • housing benefits
  • social housing needs
  • parking permit
  • blue badge
  • adults and children’s social care services
  • planning applications
  • building control applications
  • licensing
  • landlords Licensing
  • voting and elections
  • school admissions and education services
  • youth services
  • birth, marriages and deaths
  • employmennt
  • health and wellbeing
  • bins, recycling and waste collection
  • crime and public safety
  • Housing Benefit
  • Discretionary Housing Payments
  • Council Tax and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS)
  • Business Rates
  • Local Social welfare Schemes

To fulfil our legal duties and obligations in these areas we may share your information between services and with other organisations, including:

  • government departments, agencies and other public bodies
  • other local authorities
  • our subsidiary companies
  • housing associations
  • schools
  • charities and voluntary organisations
  • third party service providers

We will also use your information for our wider functions which are:

  • the prevention and detection of benefit fraud and any other crime
  • to administer non-payment claims of council tax
  • to protect public funds in investigating misuse of public money In addition to providing the services above, you personal information is also processed for these additional purposes:
  • to assist the council to provide efficient and effective services
  • debt collection
  • prevent and detect fraud and corruption in the use of public funds You will be advised of any additional purposes or uses at the time the information is collected or used.

Lawful basis to process your information

The council must have a lawful basis for processing your information. In most cases the information will be collected and used where we have statutory obligations to collect use or share your information; in those instances we have a public interest basis for processing your information. In some instances the services we provide are optional which means that the council will only provide the service if the customer has requested the service or the customer consents to the service. In that instance, consenting to the service does not necessarily mean that the lawful basis for processing your information is consent; the council may rely on the public interest basis where it has specific powers to provide the service.

Where your consent is required to process your information we will seek your consent. However, where your consent is not required to process your information, for example the council has a lawful basis for processing your information, your consent will not be sought. Where we need to disclose sensitive or confidential information such as medical details to other partners we will do so only with your prior explicit consent unless we are legally entitled to share the data.

The council may also process your information where processing is necessary for the performance of a contract and where processing is necessary to protect your vital interest or the vital interest of another person. The council may also process your information where we are obliged to process your information to comply with the law. We can presently rely on legitimate expectation as justification to process your information; from May 2018 the council has very limited scope to rely on this ground.

We have statutory authority to collect and process your personal information for the provision of our service, your consent therefore is not required to process your information. Where the service is optional, we will not process your information until you have consented to receive the service. Once we have your consent for the service, your information will be processed under our statutory authority to provide the service.