Can we help you?

At some point in our lives most of us will need help with everyday living, perhaps because of an illness, a stay in hospital, a disability, or just because we are getting older. Our support services are designed to help adults keep independent, safe and well.

We can provide care and support services if you are an adult, living within the borough, and: 

  • have difficulties to do with illness or old age 
  • have a sight, hearing or physical impairment 
  • have mental health difficulties 
  • have a learning disability 
  • have drug or alcohol problems 
  • have serious and long term health problems including HIV and AIDS 
  • need to stay safe and free from harm 
  • are a carer supporting someone to keep independent, safe and well 

We want to help as many people as possible, but because our resources are limited we have to make sure our services go to people who need them most, such as those who:

  • are suffering abuse or neglect 
  • are in poor health which will need medical care 
  • can’t manage your own personal care 
  • can’t make important decisions for yourself 
  • are in work or education which has been disrupted, or is likely to be 
  • have carers who can’t support you any more 
  • can’t carry out normal parenting or family duties  

We can support people with physical or learning disabilities, people with long term health needs, those with dementia, those with sight or hearing loss, people who have mental health needs, people with drug and alcohol difficulties and family and friends who support people in any of the situations described above.

We’ll need to meet with you first to talk about your care and support needs and work out the best way to help you. This is called an assessment.

Read more about the assessment

Getting support

We use government guidelines to work out if you qualify for our help. We have to offer our services to those people who need our help the most to keep independent, safe and well.

Information on government guidelines link.

Charges for services

Many of our services are free, but for some we ask you to pay a contribution, like home care, direct payments, personal budgets and day care.

Read more about our charges

Personal budgets

If you want more choice and control over which services you get, we can supply you with a personal budget. It can help you achieve the things that are most important to you in life.

Read more about personal budgets