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Online Financial Assessment Calculator

If we provide you with care services you may need to contribute towards the cost of your care package. The amount you will be asked to pay will depend on your income, savings and expenditure. It will also depend on the type of service you are receiving. Community care includes home care, day care, supported living and Direct Payments.

To find out how much you might have to pay, try our online calculator:

Online Financial Assessment Calculator

The online calculator is designed to give you an idea of your likely charge. Your charge will be finalised once you have returned a financial assessment form to the council's Adult Social Care Finance Team.   

Our policy on charging for care services is based on the Care Act 2014.  Following a consultation process the council's charging policy was agreed by the council in December 2016. You can find the answers to most questions you may have in the Get help from Kingston Council - Paying for support section of our website. If you cannot find the answer here, you can contact Adult Social Care on 0208 547 5005 or the Adult Social Care Finance Team 0208 547 4778.