Buskers and street musicians

The pedestrianised areas of Kingston town centre have become a desirable venue for street entertainers of all types.

You do not need a licence to busk or perform on the street in the borough, however if you are a street entertainer whose act can be heard as well as seen, please consider the following advice:

  • do not stay in the same place for too long – you should aim to move on to an entirely different location at least every 60 minutes
  • excessive use of amplifiers is actively discouraged – if you use an amplifier, you must control the volume so that it can only be heard by passers-by and not in adjacent shops or offices
  • make sure that you do not cause an obstruction in the street – keep clear of doorways, street furniture, telephone boxes and leave space for wheelchairs or pushchairs to pass
  • no selling – the selling of CDs and tapes is strictly forbidden, as this constitutes illegal street trading

Follow this advice will help to reduce and avoid complaints. Any complaints which are made will be investigated individually and action, formal or otherwise, may be taken.