If you wish to give an exhibition, a demonstration or a performance of hypnotism for entertainment purposes, and in order to comply with the Hypnotism Act 1952, you must obtain permission from us and follow any applicable conditions we impose.

Hypnotism performed for medical or scientific purposes does not require our permission.

Who can apply?

Applications for authorisation can be made either by the hypnotist, or by the venue at which they will be performing (or agents for either of these).

We will ask for details of the venue and proposed show, so that we can ensure that these are suitable and safe, as well as details of the hypnotist, including recent performances, experience and membership of professional bodies. We may contact venues and local councils where the hypnotist has previously appeared to confirm the details given.

If we are satisfied that the proposed hypnosis will be conducted safely, we will issue a letter of authorisation for the show, and details of any conditions applied.

How to apply 

Please ensure that you make your application at least one month prior to your desired performance date.  You will need to:

  • complete the application form, keeping a copy of the completed form for your own records
  • send the completed form and supporting documents with a cheque for the correct fee (made payable to Kingston Council) to the Licensing Team. You can also pay over the phone by calling 0208 547 5080. 


Each licence will be subject to our standard conditions. You must make sure that you can comply with all relevant conditions prior to making an application. A licence will generally not be granted unless you can prove that you are able to operate in line with the conditions.

Can I start performing before my application is determined?

No, you will need to wait until your authorisation is granted before performing.

Issuing your authorisation

Once a decision has been made, we aim to issue your authorisation with 10 working days.

Refusal of applications

We will not refuse an application without good reason - however, if we do, there is no right of appeal against our decision. In such cases, we will always give a full explanation of why we have come to such a decision, and before refusing we will work with you to see if there is any way in which our concerns can be resolved.


Please contact the Licensing Team for details of the current fees.

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Telephone: 0208 547 5080