List of conservation areas

Coombe House

Designation date: February 1997
No of properties: 17
Area: 3.1 hectares

Designation summary
The special architectural and historic interest of this area can be summarised as: The core of the demolished 16th century Coombe House manorial estate, including walls, outbuildings, and landscape features from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, together with 20th century infill developments.

Historic development
Coombe House was a large estate built in the 1750s. The house, now demolished, was located at the southwest corner of the intersection of present-day Coombe Lane and Traps Lane. Its red brick boundary walls can still be seen on the west side of Traps Lane.
Remains of the 16th century mansion include all stretches of the high brick walls on Warren Rise, and Fitzgeorge Avenue; the listed stretch of wall on Traps Lane; and the two storey cottage incorporated into Vane House on Warren Rise.

The remaining structures from the mid 18th century estate include: 

  • the lodge at the junctions of Warren Rise and Coombe Lane West;
  • a second lodge at the junction of Traps Lane and Fitzgeorge Avenue both dated between 1867-1888;  
  • the stables dated between 1840-1867, now Coombe Neville and Neville Cottage in Warren Rise;  
  • the 18th century cottage which now forms Coombe Vane and Vane House in Warren Rise.

The pond and surrounding landscaping in Neville Avenue is also of historic, landscape, ecological and botanical interest. Although its form appears to originate from the mid-nineteenth century pleasure gardens to Coombe House, it is likely to have evolved from an earlier natural spring. Records from 1679 indicate several fishponds existed within the estate gardens.
The 1930’s infill developments and their plot settings include, Miramonte, Thatchers, Turret House, Cimero and Wansbeck, which demonstrate the nature of the earliest modern development of the estate where the topography determined the high status of the houses and the houses paid some respect to the historic features, including Coombe House which survived during this period.

Today the relationship between the public spaces and the private spaces is still derived from the layout of the demolished ancient Coombe Mansion Houses and their gardens, including the approaches, and immediate hinterland beyond the estate walls.

Listed Buildings
Miramonte, Warren Rise - Grade II listed
Garden and Boundary walls to Cimero and Thatchers -  Grade II listed

Locally Listed Buildings

  • Thatchers, Traps Lane
  • Coombe Hill Lodge Traps Lane
  • Vane House, Warren Rise
  • Coombe Vane Warren Rise
  • Neville Cottage, Warren Rise
  • Neville House Cottage Boundary Walls, Warren Rise 
  • Coombe House Lodge, 124 Coombe Lane West
  • Neville House Warren Rise

Adjacent Conservation Areas/Local Areas of Special Character (LASC)
Coombe Hill Conservation Area

Archaeological Priority Area
2.7 Coombe House 

Article 4 Directions 

Further information
Coombe House Conservation Area Designation Report


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Map of Coombe House conservation area 

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