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Victoria Avenue

Designation date: July 1988 and extended in June 1991
No of properties: 147
Area: 4.5 hectares

The special architectural and historic interest of this area can be summarised as: An area of several cohesive groups of two storey red brick houses built between 1893 and 1904.

Historic development
This area of Surbiton was agricultural land until the early 1890s, and is shown on early maps as being laid out in three large fields. In 1893 houses began to be erected in Victoria Avenue in two phases over an 11 year period (1893 - 1904) by two builders. 39 of the houses (nos 2-38  and 3-41 Victoria Avenue ) were constructed by Henry Dally, a builder from Twickenham, all to the same design between 1893 - 1899. Henry Dally was also responsible for the erection of two detached villas (No 46 Victoria Avenue and No 2 Endsleigh Gardens) each house being a one off design.

In 1894 houses began to be erected in Balaclava Road. Charles Adams, a local builder, was responsible for erecting all of the 17 villas. He constructed these houses in three phases between 1894 and 1898, with the houses of each phase being of the same design.

The group of five houses at the western end of Balaclava Road, No.’s 38 - 46 as well as no. 4 Endsleigh Gardens were the last works of Charles Adams, who commissioned the well known local architect Alfred Mason to design the five detached villas for him.  Other local examples of Mason’s work are the Surbiton Assembly Rooms at No 80 Claremont Road in 1889 and Nos 6-24 Claremont Road. After 1905 there was no further building activity in the area until the 1930s when infill development took place at the eastern end of Balaclava Road. In 1954 the houses at Nos 5,7 and 9 Victoria Avenue were redeveloped and in recent years new development in the area includes 2-6 Victoria Avenue.

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Victoria Avenue Conservation Area Designation Report


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Map of Victoria Avenue conservation area 

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