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Presburg Road

Presburg Road

Designation date: June 1989
No of properties: 29
Area: 1.4 hectares

Designation summary
The special architectural and historic interest of this area can be summarised as: A small group of Queen Anne Revival style houses built between 1903–1908 by Vincent Davison, an active local surveyor.

Historical background summary 
This area of New Malden originally formed part of Norbiton Common but by the mid 19th century it had been completely enclosed as farmland. The land was used exclusively for agricultural use until the 1880s when the London and Suburban Land Company laid out Presburg Road, Westbury Road and Thetford Road. Progress in the development of the area as a residential neighbourhood was slow and by 1899 only 15 houses were built in this conservation area.

Presburg Road was the last area to be developed, before the outbreak of the first World War put a temporary stop to domestic building activity. Presburg Road conservation area takes in the best of this pre-war development which has a distinctive character and appearance of its own. The 20 houses identified are all of the “Queen Anne” or “Renaissance” style which was used extensively during this period for both domestic and prestigious public buildings such as Sessions House in Ewell Road (1898) and Kingston Library (1902). 

Vincent Davison who built these houses worked extensively in the New Malden area. Characteristic of his work are the fine jointed red brick aprons under the windows and the rubbed brick arches to door and window openings. Greater use is made of reconstituted stone dressings and patterned render on the west side of the street. 

Although Davison seems to have made extensive use of pattern books and standard details for his designs, the buildings are well composed with good proportions. The high standard of design and mature gardens add to the visual amenity of the area.

Listed Buildings 

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Further information
Presburg Road Conservation Area Designation Report


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Map of Presburg Road conservation area 

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