List of conservation areas

Conservation areas

There are 26 conservation areas in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, covering 7.4% of the borough (about 277 hectares) and containing over 6000 postal addresses.

You can see the boundaries of conservation areas, buildings of townscape merit and listed buildings on our heritage map.

List of conservation areas in Kingston upon Thames:

  1. Kingston Old Town
  2. a. Old Malden (St John's)
    b. Old Malden (Plough Green)
  3. St Andrew's Square
  4. Southborough
  5. Liverpool Road
  6. Fairfield/Knight's Park
  7. Grove Crescent
  8. Claremont Road
  9. Surbiton Hill Park
  10. Oakhill
  11. Victoria Avenue
  12. Christchurch
  13. Richmond Road
  14. Cadogan Road
  15. Park Road
  16. Presburg Road
  17. Coombe Wood
  18. The Groves
  19. Surbiton Town Centre
  20. Kingston Vale
  21. Coombe Hill
  22. Coombe House
  23. Kingston Hill
  24. Riverside South
  25. Riverside North
  26. Fishponds Park

Conservation Area General Guidance 

Kingston Council is preparing a Conservation Area General Guidance document. A draft has been published for people to review and share their feedback on its clarity and content.

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