Report fly tipping

We remove any reported fly tipping or fly tipped rubbish (dumped rubbish) from any public road.

This could include:

  • black rubbish sacks, rubble and tyres
  • mattresses, sofas and carpet
  • fridges and washing machines

We will:

  • aim to clear it within 24 hours once reported
  • investigate who left it, with a view to taking action against them

Private land

If the rubbish is on private land, it is the responsibility of the owner or occupier to have it cleared. We may choose to investigate further if has become a persistent problem.

Make a report using the map

If you see dumped rubbish, you can report it by using the map below. 

You can:

  1. use the search bar on the map to search for a location, address or street
  2. click on the map to place a pin
  3. proceed to fill in the short form

Or make a report using the form

If you have accessibility requirements or difficulties using the map you can make a report using the form. Note that the form will be reviewed manually and may take longer to action.

Accessible Report Fly Tipping form

Extra rubbish and bulky collection

If you have too much rubbish for your bin or if your rubbish is too big, there are ways you can get rid of it.

Households can: 

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